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What my clients say about their experience with Balanced Fitness

If you want it quick and to the point all you need to do is read is the next paragraph, if you want the back story keep reading beyond it.

Bottom line, I consider Bruce a consummate professional. For the past nine years he has worked with me through some difficult times. Bruce never takes his eyes off of you, is always learning new tortures (exercises) to bring to the workout, never has missed a session without a call and is 100% present. He knows his profession and is smart in the way he gets the most out of you and your workout. Bruce has developed that special talent were he pushes you to your limit but not to the point of injury. In my professional world I take referrals very seriously and I must say that I recommend Bruce without hesitation. You would be very fortunate to work with him.

I came to Bruce seeking discipline in my workout. On my own I was achieving very little and wanted to be in better shape and free from some chronic pain from a previous injury. My posture was poor and stress had put my shoulders to my ears. My height was 6 ft. & 1/2 inch.

To say I hated going to my workouts would not be far from the truth however I quickly realized the importance of the work and Bruce made it as pleasant as possible.

On June 21st, 2002 I fell 80 feet off of a cliff ­ 50 feet was a free fall. In a matter of seconds I broke my jaw, dislocated my shoulder, re- injured a previous broken wrist and forearm, broke a rib, jarred my tailbone, crushed my knee cap and lost a lot of skin.

The road back was difficult. The physical therapy was painful and exhausting. Eventually I was ready to work with Bruce. Bruce listened as I shared where I stood and where I hoped to go. We worked very hard together.

I’m not going to walk you through the last five years, but what you should know is that I give the majority of my near full recovery to Bruce. In fact during some recent extensive physical labor I realized that I was in better shape than prior to my fall. By the way I now stand 6 ft 11ž2 inches tall.

Sometimes you have to give the devil his due.

Aaron L.

I came to Bruce Gilbert with some health issues and I wanted to stay fit and trim. I noticed as I worked out in the gym that most trainers are clueless as to what the human body does or how it functions. Most of the trainers, I observed, were not even focusing their attention on their clients.

The thing that impressed me most about Bruce was his constant attention----he watched what I did and most importantly watched what I did incorrectly. His attention meant that I was unlikely to get hurt. My body increased in strength and stamina and my heart rate dropped from 78 beats per minute to 63 beats per minute.

I then had a major health crisis—I developed colon cancer and I had the surgery last December. I was faced with six month of chemotherapy. I quickly lost more than 30 pounds and was overcome with nausea. I feel that very few trainers could have dealt with this situation. I also felt that it was important for me to exercise and to try to keep my body functioning.

Bruce was extremely sensitive to my situation. I was able to work out lightly during my six months of chemotherapy. Bruce was positive and very supportive. I am now through my medical treatments and getting stronger with my weekly workouts with Bruce. Bruce has a solid, practical knowledge of the human body. With his help, I was able to strengthen myself during this challenging time.

Michael S.

Bruce Gilbert, owner of Balanced Fitness, is, bar none, one of the best personal trainers out there. He manages to cram in a workout for every body part in the space of an hour and still make it seem fun!

Although I began working with Bruce because of my shoulder injury, I have found that his workouts have benefited every part of my body. Bruce is a gifted trainer who is guided by his knowledge of the physiology of the body, the particular needs of each individual client and also by his feeling and intuitions about the needs of each client.

Bruce customizes each workout for each client, taking into account any injuries, old or new; ability and motivation.

With regard to the motivation part - somehow, without any hard sell, he manages to increase that trait in me!

I have been training with Bruce for almost 20 years and find him to be among the best of the best! I highly recommend him for whatever workout needs you might have. Give him a call and get started!

Dell A.

I have trained with Bruce, off and on, for a few years now and can't imagine working with anyone else. (and I've worked out with a LOT of people over the years) This past year I have had to work through some injuries and Bruce has had the patience and expertise to get me strong again. I love that he changes things up, pushes gently but firmly (for me, at least) and has a great sense of humor (not to mention vast knowledge of 80s music!). What impresses me about Bruce is that he continues to train and learn new techniques in the area of fitness. It's not the same old workout because he genuinely cares about the well being of his clients. I can't recommend him enough!

Mari W.

If you are a person who does not want to work at improving oneself Bruce is not the man for you. If you are a person who believes in committing to personal health and well being and wants a leader in training both the body and the mind, then Bruce is for you. I have had the honor of working with Bruce to reclaim my body and with it most definitely my quality of life. Bruce worked me immediately with the mindset that health is a conscious choice and a process that I must commit to if I wish to achieve a better quality of life for myself. He set me with realistic goals and routines that would work my body but would also give me the mindset to match. It was his approach in telling me the realities of fitness and achieving my goals with a healthy attitude that appealed to me. Soreness in the first few weeks turned to greater flexibility, strength and better sense of well being for my day to day in the months to follow. Bruce set me on a course for fitness that I still follow today - 5 years after I began my fitness journey with Bruce.

Keep up the good work Bruce and thanks for your time, patience and expertise.

Dan F.

Bruce is the best personal trainer I've ever used. He's now been my trainer for over twenty years. I've watched others at the gym with different trainers and worked out with others in the past, but I don't think there's anyone else I would want. He is always creative in the workout, modifying it, and surprising me with new challenges. He makes every session both tough and fun. Besides his sense of humor, he is an excellent listener. He also trained my son, when in high school, and was very helpful with him.

I always look forward to training with Bruce. He makes it fun by varying the workout, setting up do-able challenges and being attentive. He is very conscientious and always watches that I perform the exercise properly and breathe correctly.

Thanks Bruce.

Astrid P.

Bruce believes that true fitness begins with a commitment to one's health and well being, followed by basic hard work. I really appreciate Bruce's common-sense / no-nonsense methods. I also appreciate his positive, upbeat attitude. He is a reliable, hardworking and flexible trainer who I can easily, heartily recommend! After working with Bruce, I believe I am more fit than I have ever been in my life.

Adrienne C.

Bruce Gilbert has been training me for fifteen years now. He has kept me fit and toned, enthusiastic and disciplined. His knowledge of the body is extensive and has helped me to recover fully from several injuries I have sustained over the years. Most of all, he makes exercise fun inside and outside the gym. Thank-you, Bruce.

Marion S.

I wanted to train with Bruce because he was referred to me by a respected Registered Dietician who assured me that he would be professional, patient and could push me without causing injury. Well, he did not disappoint. He is very knowledgeable and uses a common sense approach that works. He keeps me focused and motivated on my workouts when I want to give up and always encourages me to keep going. I can trust that he won't let me do anything that's not safe or effective and he has earned my highest possible recommendation as I have him training my entire family too.

One thing I never considered before training with Bruce is that he makes exercising more enjoyable by bringing his passion and enthusiasm to our workouts and transforms what would otherwise be a punishment to me. I dare say I actually enjoy our workouts together despite the physical exertion.

Richard G.

Bruce took a survey of our diets, started us off slowly, and both pushed us and encouraged us. It was a perfect combination! within a few weeks I was doing push ups off an exercise ball! Bruce has not only gotten us on the road to being in good shape, but he's made it fun and challenging (not daunting).

I only wish we'd started five or ten years ago. Thanks Bruce!

Michael O.

Without Bruce I would not have recuperated as successfully as I did. I wouldn't be as diligent and exercising wouldn't be as fun.

John D.

Definitely worth your investment. If you have a clear goal of what you want to achieve from your workout, then Bruce is the right person to train with. He is extremely knowledgeable, loves his work, and has the best attitude. Bruce was always on time to workout, and is definitely not the type of trainer who spends time goofing around. He is very serious about his work, and will ask you to commit. I highly recommend him. Thanks Bruce!

Jaime C.

Always there with right idea's and attitude. I'm a "difficult" case and Bruce brings out my best.

Michael U.

Bruce has helped me recover from chronic back pain with patience and professionalism. He has a big heart!

Sherry W.

I can't believe this hidden gem! I found out about Bruce and his Personal Fitness training program and then I found out about the other side of his business. The Bow Wow Workout is the best thing to ever happen with me and my dog. Bruce is a great guy and very fun to hang with on a Sunday morning. It's a great run up Runyon Canyon and back with the dogs getting a great workout and me trying to keep up with the pace. It gets easier the more you go. It's a blast! I would highly recommend this workout as well as the other services Bruce offers. Since seeing Bruce, I have lost 30 pounds, increased my stamina, and with his guidance, I now eat better than I ever have. I don't have the pain from tendonitis in my hip anymore and I am much more flexible. I just can't say enough about this guy. Go see him and make your whole life better.

Jeff N.

I had been a trainer myself for 15 years. I stopped training clients in 2001, but had always practiced a rigorous exercise routine for myself. I met Bruce through a business associate, (who trained with him), after complaining about being "bored with and burned out" with my exercise routine. Too much effort for the same predictable results. I had fallen victim to what many of my former training clients had experienced. The SAME OLD workout.

Bruce dramatically changed that for me. Within 6 weeks I experienced amazing results from his unique routines. There is always a "consistency" of challenge and information to his workouts. However, there is always a variety and interest to his instruction. He is exacting but amazingly generous and supportive. I always looked forward to those early morning workouts.

I highly recommend his program to anyone with no workout experience or to an avid athlete.

Philip J.

Bruce is an exceptional trainer and fitness professional. What I appreciate most about Bruce is that fitness is not a hobby. It is his passion and his profession. He knows how to get results. He is smart and efficient. He's a great motivator, too. I highly recommend Bruce!

Matthew S.

Challenge. It's a cliche when it comes to working out but it's certainly the one area where Bruce excels as a trainer. He challenges you to push yourself to the limit in order to achieve maximum results. He also has a very strong understanding of how the body works. You would think every trainer would have that but after one session with Bruce you can look around any gym and see how most people (with their trainers) are getting it wrong. If you're recovering from an injury like I was (emphasize on was) or just looking to get your body in gear, Bruce is the man.

Rick B.

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